The story begins in 1924 when the FLAV-R-PAC® brand was first introduced – the brand that would become the quality standard for frozen vegetables and fruits. Carefully controlling each step in the process, our products now go from harvest, through processing and freezing, to packaging in one of our state-of-the-art facilities – all in just hours! Today, our premium, value-added foodservice products deliver profitable advantages to our customers – across every daypart and in virtually every segment.

Our frozen vegetables & fruits check all the boxes…

  • Packed at peak ripeness
  • Consistent quality year round
  • Pre-prepped reduces labor
  • 100% yield (no waste)
  • Nutrients “locked in”
  • Extended shelf life

Vegetable Products

Select Vegetable Varieties
Enjoy the tradition of quality and value that our FLAV-R-PAC Vegetable Collection® brings to the plate with this easy-to-serve line of versatile offerings. Natural texture and fresh vegetable flavor are locked into every bite.

Farm-fresh Vegetable Blends
Serve your customers the finest produce grown with pride in the USA by American farmers. American Harvest blends are made from crisp and nutritious vegetables grown locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Gourmet Vegetable Blends
Truly extraordinary vegetable blends that add an extra dimension of value to any menu. Featuring generous cuts of bright, premium vegetables, Grande Classics deliver fresh taste and crisp texture. They also offer exceptional eye appeal with profitable plate coverage.

Fire Roasted Specialty Vegetables & Fruits
Our culinary pros have created a flavorful line of fire roasted vegetables, using our unique roasting process and seasonings for the on-trend tastes and visual appeal customers crave. With consistent quality, profitable performance, and heat and serve convenience, creating savory or sweet specialties has never been easier.

Fast Prep With On-Trend Flavors
One of the most popular lines we offer is our FLAV-R-PAC Stir Fry Vegetables. An exciting plate presentation is always within reach. Simply add a delectable sauce or savory protein to create a quick and unique stir fry meal.

Vegetables in Savory Herb Sauces
We begin with the freshest vegetables and carefully add light sauces and vibrant herb blends to create a collection that is as delicious as it is versatile. Now culinary excellence is achieved with ease.

Exceptionally Appetizing Blends
FLAV-R-PAC’s Beautiful Vegetables are exactly as you’d expect. Colorful and versatile blends of premium vegetables you can serve across your menu Offer them hot or cold, plated as sides or featured as specials.

Bright & Appetizing Meal Starters
Start out steps ahead with FLAV-R-PAC Chef Starters. Diced vegetables in versatile blends–featuring onion, carrot, celery and pepper–reduce your labor costs and let your culinary imagination take flight.

Fruit Products

Premium Fruits & Mixed Varieties
Grown in ideal climates and picked at their peak, our fruit is simply better. We quick-freeze them straight from the fields and orchards, for that just harvested taste, locking in natural flavors and textures. For consistently delicious fruit available all year long, look no further than FLAV-R-PAC Fruit Collection.®

Diced Fruit Favorites
It couldn’t be easier to add pure fruit to any dish with FLAV-R-PAC Fruit Favorites. Diced into tidbits and individually quick-frozen, you can use a little or use a lot. Whether your recipe is sweet or savory, FLAV-R-PAC Fruit Favorites add something special. It’s- simply all fruit!

Whole & Diced Fruit Toppings
The finest fruit topping available, this vibrant line features plump, fully-ripe fruits that reflect nature’s sweetest offerings. Now your guests can enjoy the bright color, lush texture and fresh fruit taste of summer year round.

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