Premium Quality

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries,
Blackberries, Marionberries, Boysenberries,
Rhubarb, Cranberries, and more

Locally grown for three generations.

The best from our land to your hands.

Our history begins in the Salem, OR area in 1999 with the Gerald Roth family. What started as a small cannery-style operation in a backyard warehouse quickly became one of the Northwest’s leading processors of high quality berry products. Today, we continue to be a family-owned operation. Our berries have been grown locally for three generations and each summer we process millions of pounds of fruit; including strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, a large variety of blackberries, cranberries and the local favorite: Marionberries.

IQF Product

Black Diamond Blackberry
Chester Blackberry
Columbia Star Blackberry
Evergreen Blackberry
Kotata Blackberry
Marionberry Blackberry
Cranberry – Whole, Slices
Rhubarb – Slices, Dices
Strawberry – Whole, Slices, Dices
Black Raspberry
Red Raspberry

IQF Organic Product

Cranberry – Whole, Slices
Red Raspberry
Strawberry – Whole, Slices, Dices

Puree Stock Product

Blackberry Puree Stock
Evergreen Blackberry Puree Stock
Blueberry Puree Stock
Boysenberry Puree Stock
Cranberry Puree Stock
Marionberry Puree Stock
Mixed Fruit Puree Stock
Black Raspberry Puree Stock
Red Raspberry Puree Stock
Rhubarb Puree Stock
Strawberry Puree Stock

Custom Processing

Bulk, repack, poly bag or tub packaging

Wet Pack Product

Blackberry Straight Pack
Blackberry Seedless Puree
Blackberry Sieve
Evergreen Blackberry Seedless Puree
Blueberry Straight Pack – Dices
Boysenberry Straight Pack
Boysenberry Seedless Puree
Boysenberry Sieve
Marionberry Straight Pack
Marionberry Seedless Puree
Marionberry Sieve
Red Raspberry Straight Pack
Red Raspberry Seedless Puree
Red Raspberry Sieve
Strawberry Straight Pack -Whole, Slices, Dices
Strawberry Seedless Puree
Strawberry Sieve
4+1 Strawberry – Whole, Slices

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F: 503-485-0495

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