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Offering a complete line of potato flakes, flours, dices, slices, shreds, IQF and roasted products.

Washington Potato Co. joined our OPC Family of Companies in 2001, significantly increasing our capacity and ability to supply customers of all sizes with premium quality dehydrated and dehydrofrozen potato products both domestically and throughout the world.

Dehydrated Potatoes – Flakes and Flours

OPC grown potatoes are cleaned, water-blanched, cooked and mashed. The cooked mashed potatoes are dehydrated by being applied to the surface of a single drum dryer and dried as a thin sheet to the desired final moisture level. The dried potato “sheet” is then milled to a specific density, depending on the product. The largest size flake is a 5/8” milled flake and the smallest is a course ground flour. Products are packed into poly lined kraft bags, totes or super sacks.


Dehydrated Potato Flakes – Standard Potato Flakes (russet and gold varieties), and Natural Potato Flakes (low density).
Dehydrated Potato Flours – Standard, X-fine, Fine, Clean label (course grind) and Low Leach.

Dehydrated Potatoes – Dices, Slices and Shreds

The dehydration process begins with potatoes that are washed, peeled, trimmed and cut to specific sizes. They then go
through the dehydration process and are packed.


Dehydrated Potato Dices, Slices and Shreds – Available in multiple product sizes and pack configurations

Dehydrofrozen Potatoes

While OPC’s standard production is made using russet varieties, all DHF processed potatoes can be made with either russet, red or gold varieties. The potatoes are washed, peeled, trimmed and cut to specific sizes. They are water blanched and partially dried to about half of the original product weight. The potatoes are then IQF frozen and packed in poly lined cases or totes.


Blanched, Roasted Potatoes

The blanch and roasting process begins with the use of select OPC grown potatoes. These are washed, peeled, trimmed and cut to specific sizes. The potatoes are water blanched to a specific texture reading to meet individual cooking characteristics requested by our customers. Potatoes can be roasted in either a direct-fire or indirect fire oven. The potatoes are then IQF frozen and packed in poly lined cases or totes. Numerous cuts, sizes, wedges, chunks, slices and dices are available in a variety of russet, red, gold and sweet potato options. Many other custom cuts available. OPC’s standard production is made using russet varieties. Requests for red or gold products, skin-on options will require minimum run considerations and are considered custom processed runs.

Direct and Indirect Fire Roasting

OPC is known in the industry as a true innovator in its field. Our plant capabilities enable us to provide a broad range of flexibility by having roasting ovens in several plants. This “back-up” strategy enables us to provide on-time shipments and the ability to react when needed. Direct-fi re roasting is the process of flame touching the ingredient. Indirect-fi re roasting is convection heat causing natural browning to occur with nominal scorch marks achieved. Either method offers great taste and flavor.


Roasted Potatoes – cubes and slices are available in a wide variety of sizes. Also Available: roasted wedges (halved, quartered, 1/6th, 1/8th and 1/10th wedges) and roasted potato chunks, 9/16”, 1” and 1-1/2” cross-cuts. All products can be packed into bulk totes, bulk cases 1/20 lb. to 1/55 lb. sizes along with private label capabilities. Standard foodservice packs available.

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