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Dehydrated Potatoes
Flakes and Flours

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Our namesake Oregon Potato Company processing facility is located at the southern edge of the Columbia Basin—arguably the best potato growing area on the planet. Rich, volcanic soil combined with hot days and cool nights provide ideal conditions for potato development. At OPC Boardman, we simply remove most of the water from the potato through the preservation process of dehydration, leaving behind potato solids in the form of flakes or flours. The result is 100% potato flavor, in a form that is ideal for creating a wide range of finished food products. Whatever your need, we have a dehydrated potato solution to match.

Dehydrated Potatoes – Flakes and Flours

OPC grown potatoes are cleaned, water-blanched, cooked and mashed. The cooked mashed potatoes are dehydrated by being applied to the surface of a single drum dryer and dried as a thin sheet to the desired final moisture level. The dried potato “sheet” is then milled to a specific density, depending on the product being produced. The largest size flake is a 5/8” milled flake and the smallest is a course ground flour. The products are packed into poly lined  kraft bags, totes or super sacks.


Dehydrated Potato Flakes
Standard Potato Flakes (russet and gold varieties), and Natural Potato Flakes (low density)
Dehydrated Potato Flours
Standard, Clean label (course grind) and Low Leach.

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