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Welcome to Oregon Potato Company (OPC) your innovative grower / processor of potatoes, vegetables & fruits. OPC is committed to innovation, quality, cost effectiveness and customer service. Our plants span three states with operations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Each location supported by locally owned farms.


A private grower, OPC offers complete focus, from farming through total processing. We are committed to innovation, quality and customer service. OPC is dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices built on our core strength, farming.


Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is incorporated throughout our farming operation. Our farms are the foundation to the extensive OPC array of processing operations dedicated to dehydrated processing techniques: dehydrofrozen processing, IQF potato, vegetable, onion, pepper and fruit processing and roasting capabilities. Take this strength and add the ability to custom season and blend products, and your creative product opportunities are endless.


Our broad array of farming and processing technologies allow us to be the leader in Industrial, foodservice and private label retail markets.


Convey your creative plans to OPC; we stand ready to bring your ideas to a profitable conclusion.




Frank Tiegs
Grower & President



USA Grown, sustainable farming

Discover OPC Excitement!

Frank Tiegs

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